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Repossessions & Recoveries

For over 16 year, Hillview Equipment has been a Specialist in the recovery and remarketing of construction equipment. Hillview has many buyers not only around the country but all over the world. We specialize in remarketing repossessed equipment to our buyers around the world. We quickly evaluate each piece, or an entire fleet, and determine its value and where it would be most valuable. From there, we market the equipment to a specific market to get the lender the most money we can. We can do this very quickly. Typically we start presenting the lender with offers on their equipment with 24 hours. We believe in turning equipment around very quickly. We do not believe in holding out for the long dollar unless we are directed to do so by the lender.

When a piece of equipment arrives in our yard, we do a quick inspection, take pictures of the machine and then get it in front of hundreds of equipment buyers who buy equipment on a weekly basis. We also go out via a phone campaign to over 4 dozen equipment buyers who we know will give offers right away. We do not believe in having equipment sit in our yard so we can bill out a long storage charge and wait for the lender to get desperate. We will advise the lender as if it was our own machine on what the best course of action is. Our bottom line is we move equipment.

Our goal is to take a piece of equipment and determine whom around the country or around the world is willing to pay the most for it. Of course, if a lender is not in a rush, we also have the ability to retail the machine for the long dollar.


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