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EIK Long Reach / High Reach Boom Packages

With a long reach boom, you can now maximize your ROI (Return On Investment) on your existing fleet of excavators. Hundreds of customers have realized the value of long reach attachment where standard boom failed to get the necessary job done effectively. Our long reach front attachment can help you to achieve more than 50% digging depth and forward reach over a standard boom, saving you valuable cost and time, and maximizing your bottom line. Only structural grade tensile steel is used in our boom and stick construction, and we do design it with various grades of tensile steel depending on the nature of the application. We supply long reach packages for various excavator models ranging from 20 to 160 metric ton.

These Long Reach Packages are manufactured by EIK


Long Reach

Long reach front is an ideal solution for river and sea dredging either on land or barge, pond excavation and maintenance, deep foundation excavation, drainage construction, distant digging, etc. There is no customized component/part used in our attachment, we design it with commonly available off the shelf components where customers can easily obtain from their local dealers. Each long reach package come standard with the following items:

  • 1x boom
  • 1x stick/dipper arm
  • 1x bucket
  • 1x bucket cylinder/ram
  • 1x boom yoke pin
  • 1 set of Hydraulic pressure hose
  • 1 set of linkage
  • 2x bucket pin
  • 2x bucket link pin
  • Full set of hydraulic piping/pluming
Long Reach
Long Reach

A simple reconfiguration of mounting the hydraulic cylinder/ram at the underside of the stick/dipper arm would transform a typical long reach attachment to a simple high reach boom for demolition application. A simpler and cost down version of a typical 3-piece demolition boom. A 2-piece demolition boom is also less taxing to control and operate, and operator can get the necessary job accomplished without going through major re-training, saving valuable time and cost.

It is also an excellent solution for slope forming where standard boom fall short in this respect.

long reach pagacke in actions
Every long reach packagte is professionaly packed

DISCLAIMER - All Long Reach Packages are manufactured by EIK.
In no way are any of these Long Reach Packages manufactured by Caterpillar.

k-20 = 50' k-30 = 65' k-65 = 75' k-25 = 65' k-45 = 69' k-85 = 77' counter weight packages shipping dimensions
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